Resources for Travelers



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Quick Links

Here are some vital links to official government and state department resources that will help you prepare for your trip. From expedited passports to making sure a US embassy knows where you are – you can find it all here!

TSA Travel Tips

Check out the TSA’s most up-to-date tips for travelers traveling to any destination.

Duty Free Info

Are you up to speed on the rules surrounding duty free shopping? Now you can be!

Customs Info

Find out what you can and can’t bring back with you. Don’t wait until customs!

Register With STEP

Enroll your trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

TSA PreCheck

Save time moving through security lines by signing up for PreCheck today!

Traveler Checklist

Check out this handy guide on what to bring on an international trip.

Cruise Travel Rules

Where do you need your passport? Passport ID Card? Read the rules here.

Vital Records Info

Use this link to order any vital records you may need before traveling.

Entry Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the entry requirements for any global destination.

Passport Information

Get the latest on how, when, and where to secure or renew your passport before traveling.

Health Concerns

Get the latest on the health issues and notices that affect your destination.

Packing Rules

Find out what the FAA will allow you to pack – and what will get confiscated!

Helpful Videos

Here are some more visual explanations and instructions to help you brush up on the rules and regulations before heading out there.