Top Destination Wedding Trend to Watch in 2020: Heritage Return Destination Weddings

‚ÄčAre you thinking about a destination wedding in 2020? If so, there’s a new trend to take a look at that can help you create a unique experience that speaks to your personality and that of your loved one – a heritage return wedding!

What better way to begin your life together than to immerse your guests in a destination and experience that shows them who you are, and set the tone for your future?

Destination weddings aren’t a new concept. Typically when we think of a destination wedding, we imagine our closest friends and family gathering on a beach at sunset. Destination weddings can be a beautiful, fulfilling experience… and as they’ve gained popularity, the process has evolved to include lots of new concepts and ideas. Let’s look at one that’s gaining popularity and capturing the hearts of brides and grooms everywhere.

Heritage Return Destination Weddings

What is a heritage destination wedding? Building on the incredible growth of and all of the media and interest in discovering one’s roots and ancestry, many couples are looking to create a destination wedding experience in the country they most closely identify their ancestry and culture with.

Creating a heritage return destination wedding can be an incredibly gratifying experience, in that you’re immersing your guests in both your own personality and “brand” while creating the feel of a ceremony and milestone that transcends generations. It created the feeling that your union is echoing through the centuries as you make your vows on your own sacred ground.

Here are some of the most popular destinations to host a heritage return destination wedding:



As one of the most popular choices for those who can trace their ancestral roots back to one of Ireland’s four provinces, it can provide experiences that range from the ruins of an ancient castle to the town square in your family’s storybook village. The possibilities are endless!


With such a variety of environments to choose from, Germany presents opportunities to have your wedding in a small gothic chapel, on a snowy mountaintop, or even alongside a bucolic river’s edge in a bavarian garden.


Whether you’re dreaming of a dream wedding on an ancient vineyard, in a statuesque cathedral, or in a countryside villa where your ancestors may have lived – there’s no shortage of meaningful, romantic locations to choose from.


The thought of bagpipes and incredible architecture being the backdrop for a traditional Scottish ceremony is truly magical. Creating the wedding of your dreams in Scotland can be a beautiful reality. Let’s start the process today!


As one of the most culturally rich and breathtaking destinations for your destination wedding, Kenya offers a wealth of options from luxurious resorts to serene, natural environment in which to make your vows. Honoring your roots with a heritage destination wedding in Kenya may be the perfect way to start your new life together.


Taking the Next Step

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